Welcome to the Maison des Arts St-Laurent.

 Our programming is event based and offers a variety of cultural experiences: art exhibits, book launches, art fairs and art workshops.  

The "coaticook RIVER VALLEY, SKEtchs by Jean-Pierre Pelletier " ehibition 

Featuring also 4 artists in urban sketching: France Bessodes, Denyse Lamontagne, Frédéric Lapointe and Jean-François Quirion

Opening: Septembre the 22 th 5PM- 7PM: all welcomed!

The exhibit will run from 12 to 4 PM, Saturdays and Sundays 

September 23-24 / september 30 - 1 October/  October 7-8-9 2023.

A special event is planned for 1PM to 4PM on October 1rst only.

The featured artists are:
Nadia Loria Legris, Carolyne Mongeau, Lucie Vincent, Regine Neumann,

Faustine Gruninger, Marie-Pierre Ranger, Nátali de Mello, Marek Pleszczynski,

Jocelyne Rochon, Manon Marcoux, Lili Mertens, Laurence Bacon,

Madeleine Bousquet, Janick Ericksen, and Jean-François Quirion.

Maison des Arts St-Laurent

7 chemin Hatley, Compton QC